A walk through a city

Karlovy Vary  is the biggest and the most important spa city in the Czech Republic, the city's history goes back to the 14th century. No wonder that the city  is full of historical landmarks and other must-see attractions. So,  let´s go together on a small walking tour through our beautiful city!



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Sadová kolonáda
(The Orchard Colonnade)

15 - Hadí (Snake)
12 - Sadový (Orchard)
11 - Svoboda (Freedom)

The original colonnade was created in 1880 and it served as a promenade of the now extinguished Blanenský pavilon.

Mlýnská kolonáda
(The Mill Colonnade)

10 - Skalní (Rock)
9 - Libuše (Libuše)
8a - kníže Václav I.  (Prince Wenceslav I.)
8b- kníže Václav II. (Prince Wenceslav II.)

6 - Mlýnský (Mill)
7 - Rusalka (Water Nymph)

The Mill Colonnade is a traditional symbol of the town. It was built in the Neo-Renaissance style from the plans by the architect Josef Zítek in 1871 – 1881.

It measures 132 m, the roof is supported by 124 Corinth-style columns, and it is decorated with many statues and plastics.

Tržní kolonáda
(The Market Colonnade)

5 - Tržní (Market)
2 - Karel IV. (Charles IV.)

It was created in 1883 as a wooden temporary structure, but due to a complete reconstruction, the colonnade  is still here.

Zámecká kolonáda
(The Chateau Colonnade)

4 - Zámecký horní
(Upper Chateau)
3 - Zámecký dolní
(Lower Chateau)

It was built in by the architect Johann Friedrich Ohmann and it has two parts - lower and upper.

Vřídelní kolonáda
(The Thermal Spring Colonnade)

1 - Vřídlo (Thermal)

This 5th colonnade covers  the warmest and most potent spring of Karlovy Vary - Vřídlo (the Thermal Spring) Its underground contains a vast technical area and interesting excursion route, that you should certainly visit.



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Kostel sv. Máří Magdaleny
(St. Mary Magdalene Church)

This baroque church is located above the Thermal Spring Colonnade. You can visit it daily, during a mass or after it. It is also worth visiting the church’s underground with its unique burial chapel.

Kostel sv. Petra a Pavla
(St. Peter and Paul Church)

The church is located at the Krále Jiřího Street.The architect was inspired by a church near Moscow when building this orthodox one.  Its construction was supported by generous gifts from Russian spa patients. The church is located at the Krále Jiřího Street.

Hřbitovní kostel sv. Ondřeje
(Cemetery Church of St. Andrew)

The church is located on the ground of a former cemetery, nowadays in the Mozart Park. The spa physicians J. de Carro, D. Becher and other important personalities of Karlovy Vary  were buried here.

Kostel sv. Lukáše
(St. Luke Church)

Anglican church in pseudo-gothic style was built under patronage of English spa patient and is located at the Zámecký vrch street.

Kostel sv. Petra a Pavla
(St. Peter and Paul Church)

This evangelic church built in the Neo-Romanesque style is located near the building of Císařské lázně.

Galleries and museums


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Galerie umění (Art Gallery)

This exhibition houses precious art pieces.

From time to time,   also take a part concerts and theater performances here.

Muzeum Karlovy Vary
(Carlsbad Museum)

It is located in the  baroque building called Zlatý klíč  at Nová louka. The permanent exhibition documents the history of the region, trades, balneology, etc.

Jan Becher muzeum
(Jan Becher Museum)

Its cellars show the production of the traditional Karlovy Vary  Libor and the exhibition also consists of a liquor degustation.

Lookout towers and belvederes

Outlook tower

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(altitude 547 m)

The Diana lookout Tower from the year 1914 offers a gorgeous view of Karlovy Vary . It is located above the Grandhotel Pupp. You can hike to it, or take a funicular.

Goethova vyhlídka
(Goethe’s Belvedere)
(altitude 638)

This belvedere was built in the year 1889. One has to beat 165 steps to enjoy the view of the beautiful nature.

Vyhlídka Karla IV.
(Charles IV. Belvedere)
(altitude 514)

This pseudo-gothic belvedere has been standing above Karlovy Vary  since 1877 and It offers you a view from 2 floors.

Jelení skok
(Deer Jump)

This favourite spot offers a nice view not only of Karlovy Vary , but also of a famous statue of a chamois.

Tři kříže
(Three Crosses)

The crosses which gave the name to this location based on the legend, symbolize the death of three brothers. In reality, they were erected above the city to symbolize a successful re-catholicization.

Trips and leisure time activities

The guests staying in the Spa Hotel Schlosspark   typically seek the spa therapy. However, during their stay they are invited to take part in a broad variety of sports, cultural and social events that can  make their  stay even more pleasant.

Trips , transfers and a car rental

There are also numerous options in the Carlsbad area for spending your free time with fascinating excursions: from the impressive Loket or Bečov castles to the Hûrky observatory and the characteristic Svatošské rocks, spa towns Mariánské Lázně and Františkovy Lázně, to the world-famous brewery in Pilsen, Karlštejn castle and many others. You’ll see for yourself: During your stay at the Spa Hotel Schlosspark, you can find inspiration in a wide range of excursion destinations and our Guest Service Manager will help you with pleasure to organise  your individual trips in line with your wishes.  

If you would rent a car and want to organize your own trips, our wide range of guest service deparment services also includes the arranging  local car rental, so you could  discover the beauty of nature at Karlovy Vary surroundings and  all Czech republic more easily. 

Sport and leisure time activities

The Spa Hotel Schlosspark also caters to all sports lovers and fans. One of the hotel’s main assets is its own  Billard club, an elegant place with its own lounge and wait staff, suitable for private meetings and celebrations.Hand-cut 12-inch billiard table is the unique one of this kind in Karlovy  Vary.

Enjoy our swimming pool with up steamflows and really great relaxation in the sauna, made from cedar wood with its own room service. 


Karlovy Vary and its surroundings have become a favorite, widely sought-after golf destination thanks to numerous golf courses and  their quality.

In and out of Karlovy Vary are 10 golf courses:



Golf Resort Karlovy Vary

Golf & Racing Club Karlovy Vary

Astoria Golf Resort Cihelny

Golfklub Klášter Teplá

Golf Club Sokolov

Golf Club Háje

Royal Golf Club Mariánské Lázně

Golf Club Luby

Golf Club Františkovy Lázně – Hazlov


Golf Club Kynžvart



In case of your interest we will be pleased to arrange a complete service package for you, ranging from making a reservation, through transfers, golf equipment rental and lessons with a trainer. 

Horseback riding

Another possibility to spend a pleasant day in the nature is to go for a horseback ride which we can arrange for you in a horseback riding club in the nearby community of Děpoltovice. If you are a beginner, you can use the services of an experienced trainer. First, you book several riding lessons in a riding hall and then you go for a trainer-guided riding tour outdoors. If you already have riding experience, you can go on a riding tour straight away and take pleasure in the beauty of local scenery. Regardless of their riding skills, everyone will appreciate the pleasant atmosphere of a themed small pub on the premises of the riding club.


Cycle paths maintained in the spa forests surrounding Karlovy Vary are ideal for cycling trips. Their diverse difficulty levels – ranging from easy to demanding – accommodate all kinds of cyclists. The most experienced cyclists are recommended to choose one of the routes running along the Ohře River and then to nearby towns or villages or to follow one of numerous cycle routes in the nearby Krušné Mountains. The Ohře cycle route – this route starts in Karlovy Vary and makes its way through the wonderful scenery of the Svatošské Rocks along the Ohře River to the historical town of Loket and then back to Karlovy Vary.


If you playing tennis or if you'd like to learn it, we can warmly recommend you a visit to the Tennis Club Gejzír Park in Karlovy Vary – Březová . The tennis compound offers open-air tennis courts and a tennis dome, at which this game can take place easily all year round regardless of weather.


If you would like to try the possibility of rest and entertainment at once, use this opportunity and go fishing in mentioned nearby Děpoltovice or to the Kladska Nature Reserve situated a little bit farther away. We will gladly ensure your instructor, all equipment and possible transfer for you. If you decide to turn your catch into a proper meal, the restaurant operate din the fishing area will prepare and serve it according to your request.

Sightseeing flights

The Karlovy Vary Aviation Club brings you an opportunity to take delight in the beauty of Karlovy Vary and its surroundings from above and to experience something unusual and exciting at the same  time. You can choose from standard air routes such as those taking you to Loket, Cheb  or Mariánské Lázně.  Alternatively, you can plan your own route upon agreement with the Aviation Club. The experienced pilot  will draw your attention to all highlights and landmarks, during your flight, you should not miss and make a memory photography. 


Winter sports and pastime lovers can go downhill or cross-country skiing and snowboarding in the nearby Ski resort of Klínovec in the Krušné Mountains. There are numerous downhill slopes with various difficulty ratings and also cross country skiing tracks. We can arrange a ski instructor, the all equipment, outfit rental and also transfer for you.


Shopping lovers  not only find a special flair here, but also many famous brands in Karlovy Vary. From seductive fashion temples to state-of-the-art technology and the l products such as the famous Moser glass, liquer Becherovka  and wafers. There are various shops and boutiques in the spa centre  to visit as well as shopping malls.

Shopping mall Varyáda

  For  the all shops, that you will find there, the opening times and other details of the shopping mall see  http://www.varyada.cz/

Shopping mall Fontána

For  the all shops, that you will find there, the opening times and other details of the shopping mall see  http://www.oc-fontana.cz/cz

Shopping mall Atrium

For  the all shops, that you will find there, the opening times and other details of the shopping mall see  http://www.atriumshop.cz/

Shopping mall Perla

For  the all shops, that you will find there, the opening times and other details of the shopping mall see  http://www.odperla.cz/

Culture events

It is primarily during the spa season, that Karlovy Vary abounds with many diverse events. The summarized information about these most important events of Karlovy Vary at websites Living Land (official guide of the Karlovy Vary region) in section Cultural and social events in http://www.zivykraj.cz/en/discover/cultural-and-social-events