Treatment and the tradition

Guests arrive at Karlovy Vary to have, to see and to try the traditional treatment, which is based on using natural medicinal sources - mineral springs, peat, natural gas CO2 and very good local climatic conditions.

At Spa Hotel Schlosspark you will find:

  • Combination of traditional treatment and modern procedures.
  • Administration of special  treatments (baths, dry carbon-dioxide gas bath and carbon-dioxide gas application), completely unique in the world.
  • Individual approach to the every spa guests, professional team specialists, who are at the guests' disposal during the whole length of their stay.

To make the treatment maximally effective, it must take at least 14 days, or, on a physician's recommendation, even longer. Apart from the treatment programmes, we also offer short-term relaxation and freely purchasable procedures, which can regenerate the whole body and mind even during a short stay.

The curative plan is the most important parameter of the treatment quality, it should always contain an entry and exit examination by a specialist, continuous examinations are also common. Based on the entry examination and the information of  the patient  brings the physician determines a specific curative plan, which includes drinking cure pursuant to physician's recommendation, entry, checkup, and leaving physician examination, laboratory examination as recommended by the physician, possibility of dietary food, 15 procedures in a week pursuant to physician´s recommendation and free entry to the pool and fitness.

Positive effects on a body are certainly not limited to the time you actually spend in spas. The result of spa care is not only a global "tuning" of your body, but also the feeling of relief and freshness. These effects positively and on a long-term basis intervene in the course of a disease or for prevention; this change usually persists for 6 months in the case of a chronic illness. In general, the treatment is an ideal prevention of health problems, but also works  like the great therapy and plays the major part in the recovery of the human body. The spa care after operations ensures suitable and appropriate rehabilitation, but we recommend you to consult  the suitability and effect of the certain treatment with your doctor prior to booking your stay  at our hotel.

Indications and counter-indications

The complex Karlovy Vary  treatment is designed especially for the patients, suffering mainly from these problems:

  • Digestive system diseases - ulcer disease of the stomach and duodenum, intestinal problems, conditions after surgery of intestines, stomach, gallbladder, chronic diseases of liver, gallbladder, pancreas and intestines.
  • Metabolic diseases - diabetes, obesity, fat metabolism malfunctions, gout.
  • Locomotive organs diseases - degenerative illnesses of spine and large joints.
  • Oncologic diseases – of course after completion of a complex antitumor treatment without clinical signs of activity.

Combining natural medicine (drinking cure, baths, inhalations, etc.) with the best balneology procedures brings better results than the classical medicine alternative during the treatment of many chronic diseases, what certainly brings the renown  of the Karlovy Vary  spa town worldwide.

Counter-indications of the spa treatment

  • Pregnancy
  • Acute and infectious disorders
  • Malignant tumours during the cure and thereafter, with clinically detected symptoms of persistent disorders
  • Epilepsy 
  • Repetitive bleeding of any kind
  • Alcohol addiction, drug addiction
  • Incapacity of self-attendance and daily functions without the assistance of another person and independent walking incapacity

Mineral springs

Thirteen mineral springs with a temperature of 30 °C to 72 °C are used by the spa facilities in Karlovy Vary, as for chemistry, the hot spring water belongs to the bicarbonate-chloride-sulfate-sodium water group, i.e. thermal water. Individual springs have practically the same mineral content, but they differ only  in the temperature and amount of carbon dioxide. The creation, formation, and release of the hot spring water and gas towards the surface represent very complex and long-term natural processes. The mineral water´s composition is unique worldwide, along with its beneficial effects upon the human body. It is used both for exterior balneotherapy (baths, etc.) and for drinking programs. In addition to mineral water and gas, the spa therapy also makes use of peloids (mud, fen, peat).

The drinking cure is the most important part of Karlovy Vary  treatment. The thermal water should be drunk in sips, preferably while taking a walk – a cup with content of 200 ml you should drink during 3 – 10 minutes, in between individual cups is recommended a break of 5 – 10 minutes. There are 47 elements necessary for the body in the Karlovy Vary springs  and it has been proven that it has beneficial effects for the entire digestive tract, metabolism, periodontal disease, the overall improvement of health condition and the improvement of imunity towards genetic disposition and civilization diseases.

Sadová kolonáda (The Orchard Colonnade)


The spring description

15 - Hadí pramen
(The Snake's Spring)

It springs from a vase in the shape of a snake directly at the Orchard Colonnade since 2001. It contains less minerals then other springs, but a higher amount of CO2.

12 - Sadový pramen
(The Orchard Spring)

It was discovered in the second half of the 19th century while digging the foundations for the Military Spa Institute and its original name was the Imperial Spring.

11 - Pramen Svoboda
(The Freedom Spring)

This spring is located in a pavilion between the Spa III and the Mill Colonnade (Mlýnská kolonáda).

Mlýnská kolonáda (The Mill Colonnade)


The spring description

10 - Skalní pramen
(The Rock Spring)

Until the latter half of the 19th century, the spring rose directly in the Teplá River, but thanks to the terrain modifications, its spring vase is now located on the Mill Colonnade.

9 - Pramen Libuše
(The Libuše Spring)

The original name of the Libuše Spring was the Elisabeth’s Roses Spring. It was created by merging four smaller springs.

Pramen 8a - Kníže Václav I
(The Prince Václav I. Spring)

This spring was used for the production of the Karlovy Vary curative salts. The Prince Václav Spring is divided into two springs. The Prince Václav I. Spring is located directly in between the columns of the Mill Colonnade. The prince Václav II. Spring springs in front of the  colonnade.

8b - Pramen Kníže Václav II
(The Prince Václav II. Spring)

6 - Mlýnský pramen
(The Mill Spring)

It has been used for spa therapy since the 16th century. Originally, it was only used for baths. In the past, you could buy the water from the Mill spring in almost every Czech pharmacy.

7 - Pramen Rusalka
(The Water Nymph Spring)

Since the 16th century to 1945, the spring was called the New Spring. Once the most popular spring, it even had its own colonnade the New Spring Colonnade. Later on, it was reconstructed and is now called the Mill Colonnade.

Tržní kolonáda (The Market Colonnade)


The spring description

5 - Pramen Tržní
(The Market Spring)

This spring tortured the spa physicians by disappearing without any warning and then reappearing again, but thanks to a few special  drillings, it continues to serve the spa patients.

2 - Pramen Karla IV.
(The Charles IV. Spring)

Maybe due to the curative abilities of this spring, Charles IV. founded Karlovy Vary.  A relief placed above the spring reminds of the discovery of the city.

Zámecká kolonáda (The Chateau Colonnade)


The spring description

4 - Pramen Zámecký dolní
Lower Chateau Spring)

It is one spring divided into two spring vases. However, due to the higher altitude of the upper spring and due to physical laws, the Upper Chateau Spring has a different temperature and CO2 content than the Lower Spring.

3 - Pramen Zámecký horní
(The Upper Chateau Spring)

Vřídelní kolonáda (The Thermal Spring Colonnade)


The spring description

1 - Vřídlo
(The Thermal Spring)

It is the only spring used for baths. However, it is also used for the drinking cure. There are a total of 5 fountains  of the Thermal Spring’s water in the Thermal Spring Colonnade, with temperatures of 72, 57, and 41°C. The most potent spring in Karlovy Vary  spews out on average 2000 liters of mineral water in one minute and the column of the Thermal Spring water is, thanks to the pressure, able to project up to 12 meters.

Other natural sources

Use natural healing springs in Carlsbad colonnade.

Natural medicinal gas

The natural therapeutic gas is applied in the form of gaseous wraps. This procedure is becoming more and more popular since patiens not only help to low the blood pressure, but also improve the heart activity and blood circulation and we could also mention a significant improvement of sexual functions. Additionally, this natural medicinal gas is also applied in the form of hypodermic injections as a part of the treatment of joint diseases, of spine problems and of heart ischaemia.
Dry CO2 gas application are applied into the sub cutis in the area of large joints and the spine and they have a great effect in reducing pain of the back and joints, as well as on the improvement of blood circulation and quicker healing of injuries.

Dry CO2 gas bath (or so-called „gas envelope") is a special method, which is unique among the Czech spa treatment. The dry bath has a direct impact on skin receptors, improves blood circulation, help to low the blood pressure and has anti-inflammatory effect.

Peloids (peat)

Peloids are inorganic and organic squashes, which are after certain modification and heating used for compresses and wraps. They are bog, peat and other mud, which are found around springs. The substance is stocked in piles, where it oxidates in a certain ways, then is modificated and mixed with mineral water, after all heated with steam. Peat wraps are used for treating locomotor system disorders, gynaecologic illnesses and respiratory system illnesses.

Medical for children

Spa Hotel Schlosspark offers spa stays to children from 12 years old, the treatment for children from 3 to 11 years old is solved case-by case and may be taken only following the special examination by a pediatrician. In such a case a child shall be treaten upon the report by the pediatrician, whose check-up we gladly arrange upon the client´s request. The individual treatment plan is prescribed to child on the result  of this report.

Entry medical examinations and laboratory screening tests


  • Physician consultancy - drinking cure of the mineral water 18,- USD
  • Entry medical examination 50,- USD
  • Treatment day - 3 procedures acc. to a doctor´s recommendation 80,- USD
  • Laboratory screening test 37,- USD
  • EKG 18,- USD
  • Prescription 5,- USD
  • Prick of an injection 5,- USD
  • Changes in the treatment plan 5,- USD



  • Carbon dioxide bath 35,- USD
  • Natural dry carbon gas bath 35,- USD
  • Hydroxeur (Whirling bath) 35,- USD
  • Multi-effect bath (SPA-Jet) 44,- USD
  • Additive mineral salt bath 35,- USD
  • Dry massage bath (SPA-Concerto) 35,- USD
  • Additive tourmaline salt bath 35,- USD
  • Oxygen bath 35,- USD
  • Peat bath 35,- USD
  • Detoxifying bath 35,- USD
  • Turpentine bath (Zalmavann) 37,- USD



  • Classical partial massage 31,- USD
  • Classical full body massage 55,- USD
  • Reflexive massage 31,- USD
  • Aromatherapy full body massage 59,- USD
  • Foot reflex massage 55,- USD
  • Manager massage - head 31,- USD



  • Magnetotherapy 18,- USD
  • Laser therapy 20,- USD
  • Ultrasound therapy 16,- USD
  • Endo-Vaco electrotherapy 18,- USD
  • Apparat lymph drainage 30 minutes 25,- USD
  • Appart lymph drainage 45 minutes 37,- USD
  • Manual lymph drainage 50,- USD
  • Hot packs paraffin for hands 18,- USD
  • Peloid wraps 28,- USD
  • Biolamp therapy 10 minutes 12,- USD
  • Pneumopuncture (gas injection) 20,- USD
  • Hot paraffin wrap (honey, chocolate, kanabis) 28,- USD

Other procedures


  • Inhalation 16,- USD
  • Oxygen inhalation 24,- USD
  • Sauna + steam sauna 2 people/1 hour 18,- USD
  • Individual therapeutic exercise 12,- USD
  • Vibration plate training (20 minutes) 9,- USD
  • Vibrations plate training (6 trainings, each for 20 minutes) 44,- USD
  • Nordic walking (2 hours with instructor) 23,- USD
  • Water gymnastics 12,- USD
  • Gerovital - application of 5 ampoules cure 198,- USD

Body cosmetics


  • Body peeling - sea salt 48,- USD
  • Wrap Firming Aroma Algae Treatment 80,- USD
  • Wrap Milk and Honey Treatment 80,- USD
  • Wrap Detoxifying Treatment 89,- USD

Facial cosmetics


  • Oxygen Beauty Treatment 33,- USD
  • Perfect Hydration Care 46,- USD
  • Firming Phyto Stem Cell Treatment 46,- USD
  • Puran Beauty Treatment 33,- USD
  • Moisture Beauty Treatment 33,- USD
  • Golden Caviar Treatment 42,- USD
  • Anti Age Cell Treatment 42,- USD
  • Men Hydration Treatment 36,- USD
  • Men Anti Aging Treatment 51,- USD
  • Cosmetic massage + mask for mature skin 33,- USD
  • Cosmetic massage + hydration mask 24,- USD
  • Cosmetic massage + oxygen Mask 24,- USD
  • Cosmetic massage + Golden Caviar mask 33,- USD
  • Cosmetic massage + mask for men´s skin 24,- USD
  • Anti-time treatment + Anti Age laser mask 22,- USD
  • Laser mask for problematic skin 22,- USD
  • Laser hydration and regenerative mask 22,- USD
  • Laser face treatment (1 treatment) 15,- USD
  • Laser face treatment (6 treatments) 71,- USD
  • Eyelashes colouring 12,- USD
  • Eyebrow colouring and correction 12,- USD
  • Upper-lip depilation 9,- USD
  • Face depilation 17,- USD